Alisia Gilmour



Alisia has been a member of the JWR Construction team since 1998. She brings a unique perspective to the company because she entered the firm as an administrative assistant and in a ten year period achieved the level of Chief Financial Officer. Alisia has experienced all facets of the construction Industry and is well versed in contracts, lien law, project management procedures, human resources and financial reporting.

Alisia’s education experience consists of studies in Architecture at Florida Atlantic University. Alisia received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. She is a native of Broward County, Florida and understands the construction, architecture and development business from the ground up. This invaluable education coupled with her studies toward a degree in accounting makes her a unique person in the Industry.

Her current duties include financial reporting to auditors and management and coordination of all accounts receivable and accounts payable. In her capacity as human resources director she negotiates insurance renewals and audits and administrates the company health and 401K plans. She is young, bright, aggressive and experienced.